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Career Services

Career Services

Walk into almost any recording studio or other audio/video facility in New York, and you’ll probably find alumni of the Institute of Audio Research. IAR is widely recognized for over 40 years of experience in audio recording and video education, equipping graduates with technical skills and broad-based knowledge.

A Curriculum Tailored for Results

Our Program Advisory Committee includes employers of IAR graduates. This ensures that the curriculum reflects the needs of audio engineering and music production facilities. Our faculty, recognized for its depth and range of experience, tailors every class to provide students with timely training. IAR is also active in the Audio Engineering Society (AES) and the Society of Professional Audio Recording Services (SPARS). Our placement staff keeps tabs on important companies and industry trends. As a result, IAR graduates hold important production and engineering positions throughout the audio and video industry at music recording studios, project studios, post-production facilities, television networks, live sound reinforcement companies, equipment manufacturers, museums, and record companies. Many IAR graduates take the entrepreneurial route and form their own independent record labels, project studios, and production companies. IAR graduates frequently wind up working with their former classmates.

The Industry Practicum

IAR’s Industry Practicum provides students with important insights into audio engineering and video production. We emphasize the structure of the entertainment industry and how to negotiate successfully within it. We start working with students well before graduation. We help students find opportunities while in school and thereafter at New York City recording studios and other audio/ video facilities. Entry level positions provide students with hands-on, and even more importantly, eyes-on, experience in the commercial audio and video world. They are typically the entry point to careers in the entertainment industry. Students also receive assistance in job search skills such as preparing resumes, writing cover letters and interviewing. Upon graduation, students receive the benefit of job placement assistance.

See for Yourself

Music producers, audio and post engineers recognize IAR for quality and experience as an audio and video school. We encourage prospective students to make direct contact with industry professionals to inquire about IAR and gauge our reputation for themselves.